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The famous RedZone HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes burn up to 1,000 calories… in an hour. “Fairfield County’s most talked-about workout,” our exclusive RedZone HIIT classes pack an enormous amount of metabolic conditioning into a rapid-fire one-hour workout. Click HERE for current class schedule. Click HERE for a one-week trial.

Classes feature repeating bursts of exercise followed by short, active recovery. This type of exercise gets heart rates up quicker, burning more calories in less time. Each RedZone workout trains every muscle group, creating a full-body calorie inferno that melts fat, builds lean muscle and boosts metabolisms for up to 48 hours—we call it… “the afterburn.”

RedZone HIIT classes are capped at 16 men and women to ensure proper training and technique. All RedZone HIIT participants wear a biometric monitor tracking each person’s heart rate, calories burned, effort and training time. The harder you work, the faster you advance through our “performance zones,” from blue and green to yellow and then to the calorie-crushing red zone. Personalized results appear on RedZone monitors in real-time during workouts and sync to our mobile app for short- and long-term progress tracking.

It only takes an hour. Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, the RedZone will get you into the best shape of your life in record time. We offer two types of classes:

  • RedZone Metabolic. Designed to melt body fat, this incredible 60-minute workout mixes intense rotations of exercises with quick active recovery. Get ready to transform your body. (Also available as an action-packed 45-minute Turbo lunch hour version.)

  • RedZone Strength. Created to build strength and add lean muscle, this 60-minute workout mixes weights, TRX, core training and various types resistance to shift your body into high gear.

SCHEDULE. RedZone HIIT classes must booked in advance using the MindBody app. Walk-ins are not accepted. To review the current RedZone class schedule, click HERE. To request a one-week trial pass, click HERE.

PRICING. $199 RedZone HIIT class 10-Packs. $175 per month unlimited RedZone HIIT classes (best value)-



Once you try it, you cannot deny it! Come try RedZone HIIT—on us. We’re happy to provide a one-week pass to all RedZone classes so you can see and feel “Fairfield County’s most talked-about workout” for yourself. You’ll love the way you look. You’ll love the way you feel. You’ll fall in love with RedZone HIIT. For current class offerings and schedule, click HERE. For a one-week trial pass, click HERE.



Lose Fat — RedZone classes put your metabolism into overdrive, resulting in incredible calorie burn—as much as 1,000 per workout.

Build Lean Muscle — RedZone classes are designed to work every muscle group—in an hour. No other workout provides this level of head-to-toe conditioning.

Get Strong — Not only will you love what you see in the mirror after RedZone conditioning, but more importantly you’ll love the way you feel—better, stronger, healthier.



Results Fitness’ state-of-the-art facility in downtown Ridgefield CT features a unique 5,000-sq.-ft. “dual training environment”—designed for both metabolic conditioning (lose weight) and strength training (gain muscle). Our elite team of certified trainers liken themselves to chemists, designing specific workouts to provide exact results to every single client.



“RedZone is hand’s down the best one-hour workout. Once you do it, you’re hooked.” — John O. (11 days ago)

“I’ve tried every workout in Ridgefield. There is nothing like the RedZone classes.” — Cory B. (23 days ago)

“I thought I was in great shape until I started going to RedZone HIIT classes!” — Lori T. (31 days ago)

“Hey Ridgefield, you’re wasting your time at every other class at every other gym. Get to the RedZone” — Christy M. (46 days ago)